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夢で逢いましょう 。

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I feel Naruto on a really emotional level because we both love Sasuke a lot

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Nice shot, Shin-chan!

Of course, nanodayo.

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"What was it that made you curious?"

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Free! 05 » Hazuki Nagisa
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'Haru. We haven’t swum in the sea for a long while now, right?'

Suddenly, Makoto says it, his gaze directed towards the sea. Haruka stopped himself before saying that it’s because Makoto doesn’t swim in it.

High Speed! 2 Chapter 8 “Light” confirming that Nanase Haruka giving up the ocean for Tachibana Makoto is, in fact, 100% canon.

(translation by janeypeixies)

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What began with a struggle is now war between three gods… Two moons and the sun

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Celestial spirit mage, Lucy Heartfilia.
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Song: My Base Your Pace Music Box Arrangement (short version)
Artist: Arr. by Miyakuli

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