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夢で逢いましょう 。

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Its not just ghouls who are screwing up the world, it’s you too." - Kaneki Ken
 Happy Birthday to my dear Nim! ♡ 

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Abuela: mijo, te hago un sanwich?
Me: no, gracias abuela acabo de comer.
Abuela: te parto fruta?
Me: no, gracias.
Abuela: no quieres un jugo de naranja?
Me: no abuela.
Abuela: un vaso de agua?
Me: no, de veras estoy bien.
Abuela: come mierda pues.
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Lucy Heartfilia

There’s nothing happy about having your fate decided for you! You have to grab your own happiness!

Happy Birthday Lucy! [July 1, X767]
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"Found it…"

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Itachi Uchiha + last words for the lovely  Dena 

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Never ignore someone who loves you, cares for you, and misses you, because one day, you might wake up and realise, you lost the moon while counting the stars

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Yatogami Kuroh / Isana Yashiro

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